Monday, 19 October 2015

Export and Import Schema in Oracle 11g

Export Schema from Oracle 11g:

After installation start database by running "Start Database" from all programs.

Open Command Prompt

Execute the following command


Hit enter and enter Username and Password

now enter Buffer Size and export file name with directory (d:/data/oracle-export.dmp) with .dmp extension

Now Select

1 to export entire schema
2 to export only users 
3 to export only tables

Now enter permissions for  grants,table data,extents (use yes  to backup all data in the schema)

Import Schema to Oracle 11g from .DMP file:

Run the following command to import data to Oracle 11g

imp system/system file=d:/data/oracle-export.dmp full=yes

Where system/system is like <username>/<password>.

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